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Meet Melissa

My favourite thing in the world is the freedom of individuals to fully express themselves – especially creatively and sexually. I’ve always been a huge proponent of people, especially womxn+, owning their bodies and having full bodily autonomy.

I used to work in the government. And then I became a brand photographer to live my creative dreams. But in 2020, when all that was on pause, I turned my camera on myself and instantly fell in love with self-portraits. They became a way for me to express myself in ways I hadn’t acknowledged before.

It wasn’t long before I started exploring boudoir, sensual, and erotic self-portrait photography. I wanted to share my personal explorations, but I knew Instagram was not the place for it. This led me to create an OF page to share my completely uncensored self-portraits.

My page evolved with the ebbs and flows of my own creative evolution, and now I support other womxn+ with their own creative and sexual expression and business growth.

I blend my breadth of skills and experiences, creativity, and organizational capacity into services that help you expand and focus on more of what you enjoy.



Bedazzled Package

💎 10 hours per month of DM engagement and platform and social media comment replies

💎 10 hours per month of post planning and scheduling (main 🌶️ page)

Starry Eyed Package

💎 Everything in Bedazzled, plus:

⭐️ Editing of 30 images + teaser versions (main 🌶️ page)

⭐️ 10 hours per month of engagement on one lead gen platform (Reddit, TikTok, Twitter, etc.)

Crown Jewels Package

💎⭐️ Everything in Bedazzled and Starry Eyed, plus:

👑 Content ideation and research

👑 10 hours of long-format video editing (main 🌶️ page) 

👑 Editing of 10 TikTok videos

👑 5 hours to apply as needed

Audience Engagement & SMM


May include: Twitter, Reddit, OF+, IG, Snap, Email, etc.

Calendar Management


Personal + Client-focused

Photo & Video Editing

Monthly + Project-based

Collaboration Pitching

Monthly + Project-based

Blog & Newsletter Writing

Monthly + Project-based

Get In Touch


Available worldwide
Based in North America/Europe